Thursday, February 4, 2010

Conversion of playfish cash to coins??, i never saw that!

I never knew that converting playfish cash to coins is possible. Well once i saw this feature in the spoilers but it never came but today i saw in the Add Playfish Cash Icon that it is possible, One playfish cash=500 gold coins. ut it's better to sell your 1 playfish cash for 5000 coins in the pet society trading forum!

Naughty Petlings and new lottery gift!

WARNING!, We have heard from many people that their pelings ate rare food such as Wedding Cake, Candy Canes, Mystery box cakes even they were on a table but still, Petlings can jump on the table and swallow your whole food. And there's one more news that now there's a new lottery gif, yes it is and it's an adorable white kitten plushie!,which is way cuter than the stupid anteater (sorrry for those ppl who like it). Here's a pic of the plushie :-

New Hideeni Costume and gifts!

Hey every1, Hideeni is in his new costume now and guess what he has new gifts for our friends!!!!!!
The gifts are:long Stem Black Rose , Long Stem Dark Purple Rose, LongStem Deep Fuschia Rose , Long Stem Green Rose, Long Stem Light Purple Rose , Long Stem Orange Rose , Long Stem Peach Rose, Long Stem Pink Rose| Long Stem Red Rose , Long Stem White Rose & Long Stem Yellow Rose. In total there are 12 roses to collect. Hre are the pics,the roses' pic is credited to p.s news.


Hey everybody, u must be thinking my blog is dead, well my tests were going on and i was a bit busy. I was only given half an hour to sit on computer in which 10 mins were given to fb and 20 to pet society so i couldn't post anything new, now i'll start posting


Friday, January 22, 2010

New Item in the cheap MB!- a Yellow Hoodie....

There's a new item added to the cheap mysery boxes too. Its a yellow hoodie (a yellow form of the blue hoodie, which is in the clothes shop). I found it in my first try =)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pet Society New Fish-Groovy Teddy fish

There's a new fish released yesterday in the pet society pond. Its a Groovy Teddy Fish which can be caught by using the 70-coin groovy sandwich from the food shop, ginger caught it on many tries!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pet Society Village's Refresh Tricks for Pet Society

Let me introduce u some tricks for pet society.

1)Brushing/soaping coins:

if u brush your friend's sad pets or soap the dirty pets, you might earn almost 48 paw points and 4 coins per 3 drag. When you have soaped/brushed all your neighborhood's sad/dirty pets just refresh your pet society. When it will open you'll see that all the neighbour hood pets whom u fed/soaped/brushed will be in their old condition(sad,unhealthydirty), so brush/ soap them again and then refresh!!!!

2)Mystery box trick:

Before buying a mystery box go to file and click on work offline. Buy the mystery box, if there happens to be a valuable thing keep it or sell it, if not (just a 60 or 20 rs selling shirt/furniture) refresh ur pet society and u'll see there areno mysteyr boxes and their items. If u got a 999 item or good items you can change the mode to work online and start playing normally. The game will save this time :)

3)Fishing trick:

If youre using a valuable thing for fishing such as the fish biscuit bait or the birthday cake and u didnt caught the desired fish, immediately refresh it, when p.s opens ur food will stay on your chest. You should be quick for this trick otherwise when you'll refersh later the fish will be on oyur chest and there will be no food which u used for fishing!